Month: April 2001

Last Day

Today is the last day to enter our Charlie’s Angels DVD contest. Click here to enter.

Upcoming DVD Releases

I don’t see how this date could have worked out any better. What a gift this DVD will make. On November 20th, 2001, my birthday, you can all expect the see ‘The Grinch’ on DVD. The much requested ‘The Goonies’ DVD is set for release on August 21st of this year by Warner Bros. It will feature: anamorphic widescreen transfer, a making-of featurette, deleted scenes, and ...[Read More]

More DVD’s

I received more DVD’s from 20th Century Fox today. I also have 2 reviews waiting for the second reading then they’ll be put online. Stay tuned for more…

Wonder Woman Rumours

Rumor has it that Chyna (WWF Superstar) will wear the red, white, and blue attire of Wonder Woman. Although, nothing official has been announced. She is talking about how much she will enjoy playing the part.

Tops at the Box Office

‘Spy Kids’ loses top spot as it gets bumped by last weekends number 3 movie, ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’. Bridget Jones’s Diary ($10.5 million) Spy Kids ($10.21 million ) Along Came a Spider ($9.1 million) Crocodile Dundee in L.A. ($8.0 million) Freddie Got Fingered ($7.26 million) Blow ($6.01 million) Joe Dirt ($5.4 million) Kingdom Come ($4.7 million) Josie and th...[Read More]

New ‘Planet of the Apes’ Trailer

20th Century Fox has put another trailer online for this summers remake of ‘Planet of the Apes’. You can see it by going to the official site. I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie.

Special Arrival

Today I received, yet another package from the people at 20th Century Fox. I received a DVD box set that I’m very excited to review. It’s the X-Files Season 3 Collector’s Edition 7-Disc Set. I hope to bring the review for this amazing package early next week. I’m not going to ruin the review by telling you all the features but there are deleted scenes, documentaries, special fx clips, and mu...[Read More]

Fox Celebrates the Spirit of Mother’s Day

Nobody loves you like Mom, and nobody show their appreciation for motherhood like Fox Home Entertainment. Beginning April 17, just in time for Mother’s Day, the studio with release a bouquet of box office hits on DVD. Headlining Fox’s salute to Mom are the DVD debuts of Nine Months, Working Girl, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Norma Rae and For the Boys. Yesterday, I received 5 of thes...[Read More]

Tops at the Box Office

This past weekends top movies at the Box Office Spy Kids ($12.5 million ) Along Came a Spider ($11.53 million) Bridget Jones’s Diary ($10.73 million) Joe Dirt ($8.02 million) Blow ($8.01 million) Kingdom Come ($7.56 million) Josie and the Pussycats ($4.56 million) Pokemon 3 The Movie ($2.71 million) Enemy at the Gates ($2.67 million) Someone Like You ($2.6 million)

Time is Running Out

Time is drawing to an end for our first DVD contest. Get your entries in now to win a copy of Charlie’s Angels. Click here to enter.

Explicit Movie Site

Artisan Entertainment, the studio who used the internet so well to promote Blair Witch Project is at it again. This time with a sexually explicite site. Center of the World is the title of this film. I went through this site, which is an 18 and over site, and there is some nudity. What surprised me the most is I some how ended up in a live chat with a semi-naked women. Supposedly, the idea behind ...[Read More]

Release Dates & Upcoming events

Thanks to Tony, from Iowa Outdoors, and Mike our resident programming guru we we’re able to add a block on the left hand side that shows Release Dates & Upcoming events for the next two weeks. So, instead of always going through the calendar to see what’s coming up, you can check it out on the front page.

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