EyeCraveDVD Gets Its Game On – X08 Canada

XBOX 360 Canada once again invited the crew to attend an X event where we get to check out, play, and talk all the upcoming games. As fun as X07 was X08 absolutely blew it away. The venue was awesome and we got our Gears of War 2 multi-player on. Get ready to pop into the full article.

X08 Canada

Each year Xbox Canada showcases the latest games to media and select group of Live Canada members at X event. This X08 will take place once again in Toronto. Details are still emerging and we expect to know more next week. Head inside for more…

The Incredible Hulk Game Holds Promise!

Along with almost every big movie comes a video game release. Lately, to many people’s dismay, these games have not been very good. The Iron Man game had potential, but it didn’t follow the story close enough, and the controls were a bit wonky. Now Sega is set to come out with a game to go side by side with the release of The Incredible Hulk. Head inside for more info on the game!


Head inside for the GOW2 announcement.

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