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The Hollywood Hand-Off

There’s no doubt about it — it’s exciting as hell: you, the struggling screenwriter, finally get lucky enough to have somehow stumbled onto the right combination of spec screenplay and hard-working manager or agent, and you find yourself “taking meetings” all over TInsel Town. That’s when the Hollywood Hand-Off begins.

Down But Not So Dirty in Los Angeles

What better way to kick off my new column here on the ol’ Eye Crave Network than to talk about sex in Hollywood? And man, I really wish I could do that, but sadly, all I can talk about is the decided lack of sex in Tinseltown, at least for this particular screenwriter. I even had two separate shots at it, since I lived in L.A. in 1995 and again from mid-1998 to early 2000, and I still couldn...[Read More]

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