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Snuff Box

  Studio: Severin FilmsStarring: Matt Berry, Rich FulcherDirected by: Michael Cumming Rated: UnratedRunning time: 180 Min (episodes)Release Date: October 11, 2011 Movie Review Matt Berry (the little man with the big voice from UK cult hits The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace – which is the single greatest show ever to air on television) and Rich Fulcher (Comedian’s C...[Read More]

Crank Yanker: Uncensored, The Best Of [DVD Review]

Studio: Paramount Studios Starring: Various voicesDirected By: N/ARunning Time: 180 minutesRatings: CAN – 14A, USA – NR Back Cover Now over 50 of your favourite calls from Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers are available in this glorious DVD collection. Look back on all your favourite moments, from Hadassah’s obnoxiously uncomfortable questions about poop to Spoonie Luv’s...[Read More]

The Office: Season Six [DVD Review]

Studio: Universal Studios Starring: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Ed Helms, and Craig Robinson.Directed By: Various Running Time: 10 hours & 4 minutesRatings: Canada – 14A, USA – TV PG Back Cover Enjoy the ultimate way to enjoy “TV’s best comedy” (Alex Pappademas, GQ), The Office, with this must-own five-disc set that inclu...[Read More]

Mutant Chronicles [DVD Review]

Studio: TVA FilmsStarring: Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, John MalkovichDirector: Simon HunterRated: RTime: 111 mins.

Easy A: Or at least a negociated B+ [ DVD Review ]

Easy A reminds me of the scene in the cinematic classic Clueless where Cher goes to all her teachers and argues her way to straight ‘A’s. So much of the movie was generic high school fanatasy (wait, your school didn’t have terracotta tiles either?) but I kept thinking about it long after Pocket Full of Sunshine finally got out of my head. It’s as if Emma Stone‘s narra...[Read More]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars [ DVD Review ]

Studio: Warner Home VideoStarring: Matt Lanter, Nika Futterman, Tom KanDirector: Dave FiloniRated: PGTime: 98 mins. Back Cover In a galaxy far, far away… The Star Wars saga continues in this first animated feature from Lucasfilm Animation! Featuring some of your favorite characters and a host of new ones, this is Star Wars like you’ve never seen it before. As the Clone Wars sweep throu...[Read More]

Stargate Universe (SG-U) 1.0 [ DVD Review ]

Studio: MGMStarring: Robert Carlyle, Ming Na, Lou Diamond PhillipsDirector: VariousRated: 14ARunning Time: 436 minutes Back Cover A group of soldiers, scientists, and civilians fleeing an attack, is stranded billions of miles from Earth on an Ancient ship known as the Destiny. Locked on an unknown course, they must fight to survive and find a way home. The danger, adventure and hope they find on b...[Read More]

Elvis 75th Birthday Collection [DVD review]

Studio: 20th Century Fox Starring: Elvis Presley, Charles Bronson, Barbara Eden, Tuesday Weld, etc. Directed By: Various Running Time: Various Ratings: Not Rated Back Cover Included in the Elvis 75th Birthday Collection is Presley’s wildly successful acting debut as the brother of a Confederate soldier in the touching western “Love Me Tender,” his critically acclaimed performance as a half-Kiowa A...[Read More]

The Living Series Green DVD Library [ DVD Review ]

Studio: TBS New Media Ltd.Duration: About 6 hoursHost: Shannon Leroux Series review These days green is big, big business. So big, in fact, that it can be hard to keep your facts straight. Is a biodegradable window cleaner from California a greener choice than a homemade spray based on vinegar? Depends on how far away that vinegar was made, of course. If you’re the type who wants to live a more Ea...[Read More]

Monster Squad [DVD Review]

Studio: Tri StarStarring: ANDRѐ GROWER, DUCAN REGHR, STEPHEN MACHT, STAN SHAW & TOM NOONAN Directed by: FRED DEKKERRunning Time: 82minutesRatings: PG Movie Review Fred Dekker is more known for his writing credits; having written and directed NIGHT OF THE CREEPS one year before THE MONSTER SQUAD, he was getting a reputation for writing B-Movies that were fun but cheesy. THE MONSTER SQUAD was a ...[Read More]

Fanex Files: Samuel Z. Arkoff [ DVD Review

Back Cover The FANEX film convention was held in Baltimore/Washington D.C. from 1984 through 2004. Over that time hundreds of actors and filmmakers from the world of classic horror films attended and spoke to their delighted star-struck fans. Samuel Z. Arkoff is the subject of this FANEX File, a documentary series focusing on the discussions and panels presented at the convention over the years. T...[Read More]

The Cosby Show: 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition [DVD Review]

 The Cosby Show: 25th Anniversay Commemorative Edition All 8 Seasons Back Cover The Huxtables are back! One of the most popular shows in the history of television is now available in one amazing box set. Relive all your favorite moments from the show that TV Guide says, almost single-handedly revived the sitcom. The Cosby Show regularly appears in lists of the greatest shows of all time, yet it re...[Read More]

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