Time is Running Out

Time is drawing to an end for our first DVD contest. Get your entries in now to win a copy of Charlie’s Angels. Click here to enter.

Men of Honor Review

At last I have finished the Men of Honor review. It should have been done a week ago but I’m in the midst of a lost of personal stuff. So click here to read the review.

Miracle Worker

In 1962 MGM released a movie based on the true story of Helen Keller called The Miracle Worker. Two Oscars were won for Best Actress (Anne Bancroft) and Best Supporting Actress (Patty Duke). I have been lucky enough to receive the DVD to review. You can read the review here

What are Easter Eggs?

I have been receiving some e-mails as of late asking what these mysterious Easter Eggs I keep referring to really are. Well, an Easter Egg is a hidden feature somewhere on the DVD. It’s something that you have to search, or should I say hunt, for. Therefore, we refer to the hunt of these hidden features as Easter Eggs.

Cleopatra: SE Review

At long last I have finished the Cleopatra: SE DVD review. To see what EyeCraveDVD.com thought of this spectacular disc click here

Todays Tidbits

I received another DVD from 20th Century Fox today – Men of Honor: SE. I’m almost done reviewing the Cleopatra: SE DVD it took a couple of days just to watch the movie, which spans 2 discs, and now I’m going through the special features which are just as long as the movie itself. I plan to have that one up by Saturday.

Ghost and the Darkness DVD review

I have just posted Csaba’s review of The Ghost and the Darkness DVD. Click here to check it out.

Star Wars Ep. 1 on DVD??

Information has turned up about the much anticipated DVD release of Star Wars Ep1: The Phantom Menace. Corona Productions has the scoop. Click here to check it out.

Win! Win! Win!

Win a DVD courtesy of us by entering our contest. We are giving away a Charlie’s Angels DVD for our first contest. All e-mails will be kept confidential. Only the winner will be contacted.

Great News

I received a very special package today from 20th Century Fox. They sent me a “Five Star Collection” DVD to review. The much anticipated ‘Cleopatra‘ 3-Disc Set. This movie won 5 Academy Awards! in 1963 and is set to hit the streets April 3rd, 2001. So be sure to come back and see what EyeCraveDVD.com thinks of this spectalur 3-Disc set next week.

12 Angry Men

I just put up the review for 12 Angry Men which was released on DVD March 6th, 2001. You can read it by clicking here

Release Dates from Warner Bros.

I have some release dates for DVD’s that Warner Brothers will be releasing in the next couple of months. Killing Fields (March 20) Gossip (March 27) The In Crowd (March 27) Switch-HBO (April 3) Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead (April 3) AntiTRUST (May 15) Holiday Heart (May 29) “That’s All Folks”

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