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The Guilt – Working as a team with your sister and achieving success.

The Guilt – Working as a team with your sister and achieving success. LOS ANGELES October 2nd, 2012 – It’s not unusual in cinema to see relatives working together to great results – the Coen brothers, Joan and John Cusack, the Coppola clan. The Spanish film duo of director David Victori Blaya and his sister, art designer Sandra Victori Blaya, is another such pair. These relative newcomers ha...[Read More]

My Life In Soviet Army

We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack… And hopping back into the weird and wild tales of our ol’ pal Scott Phillips – writer, director, B-movie expert… In this installment of The Hollywood Handoff, Scott regales us with the story of his time as an extra on John Milus’ cold war opus, RED DAWN. This was a film that combined a second-string Brat Pack of Patrick Swayze, Jennife...[Read More]

Confessions of a B-Movie actor

Billy Garberina – Rennaissance Man of the Low-Bud movie world. Actor, Writer, Director, Editor, Fur-Bikini Clad Barbarian. This cat has done it all, and I do mean all. Anything goes with Ol’ Bill, which is exactly why I was so excited to get him on board for The Hollywood Hand-Off and, kids, he does not dissapoint. Now here’s Mrs. Garberina’s favorite son with his reflectio...[Read More]

Down But Not So Dirty In Los Angeles

Scott Phillips. Writer of Films. Director of Movies. Lover of Trek. His credits include writing the cult-classic DRIVE, being the auteur behind zombie epic STINK OF FLESH and the phenomenal low-bud film GIMME SKELTER, scripting the CW Kids action series KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT and authoring several novels and short stories. His friends and coworkers have included B-movie starlets, Steven Seagal,...[Read More]

I’m not a corpse, but I’ve played on one TV…

This weeks episode of The Hollywood Hand-Off comes to us from the mysterious correspondent known only as ‘E’ who has sent us the enigmatic pic to your left and the following article detailing a particularly uncomfortable day playing the corpse of her much-suffering character, an underage-junkie-prostitute-barmaid-smartass-serial killer escapee-turned-imperiled witness. Ahhhh! That old ...[Read More]

How I stopped Stuttering

Steven W. Eckles is the co-writer, producer and co-star of the zero-budget superhero epic DEFECTIVE MAN! (Check out my review HERE) which features the talents of such B-movie luminaries as Trent Haaga (DEADGIRL, BONNIE & CLYDE VS DRACULA), Elske McCain (GIMME SKELTER, JESSICKA RABID), Kurly Tlapoyawa (GAMER, CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE) and Billy Garberina (NECROVILLE, DOZERS). DEFECTIVE MAN! was hi...[Read More]

Avi Philips is ‘Too Old for Disney’

This weeks Hollywood Hand-Off comes to us from Hollywood North, where a young gent by the name of Avi Phillips relates his experience as a background player in the Disney tween epic CAMP ROCK 2. Avi is an actor in Toronto who has been biding his time in the background of films shot locally.  Next year, he will appear in the foreground of Sarah Polley’s TAKE THIS WALTZ. He has been writi...[Read More]

Frankie Sez: Relax and Just Do It

Frankie Frain is a Boston based independent filmmaker who has produced and directed the Troma feature length classics I Need to Lose Ten Pounds and A-Bo the Humonkey. He is best known for his YouTube popular comedic cartoons, “Lord of the Rings by George Lucas” and “How George Lucas Might F*** Up Indiana Jones 4.” Recently, he was featured at South by Southwest in the docum...[Read More]

The Hollywood Hand-Off

THE HOLLYWOOD HAND-OFF… That’s the name of this new column. But don’t be fooled. This isn’t about Hollywood itself. This isn’t about passing the blame or tossing the salad. This is a new forum for anyone and I do mean ANYONE involved in the filmmaking process to come and speak their mind, regale us with anecdotes, frighten us with their tales of the underside of ‘The Biz’, or inspire us with their...[Read More]

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