Nintendo Wii

A Little Stratusfaction is Coming to the Wii

According to  the wii is going to be getting a new fitness game from everybodies favourite med student turned pro wrestler Trish Stratus.  The Wii could use some stratusfaction….well couldnt we all 😉

E3 2009: Nintendo Press Conference

Day two of E3 2009 kicked off with the Nintendo press conference.  After a very disappointing showing at last year’s E3 and Microsoft’s impressive debut of “Project Natal”, the house that Mario built had its work cut out for it.  Unfortunately for the second straight year,  Nintendo fell flat on its face.

Competitive Gaming for Money

Do you think you’re untouchable at certain games? Then BRING IT! Show off your skill and earn some coin while you’re at it. Challenge your friends, your coworkers, or just some random dude and you could will some cash.

First Impressions: Lego Batman

Batman is one of the most recognized comic book characters in existence and was raised to new heights thanks to the incredible success of the Dark Knight. With the success of other Lego video games (Star Wars and Indiana Jones) it’s no surprise that Batman has made his way into the bricked universe.

A Wii-quel in 2011?

Nintendo has the number one game console in the world. The Nintendo Wii is so popular you wouldn’t think Nintendo would be ready to take the next step just yet, but word on the web is Wii HD is on the way.

Wii In Your Hotel Room!

This just in. Massive amounts of business men and women are showing up late to meetings, or a least will be due to Nintendo’s latest announcement. Wii’s to show up in Marriott hotels across the US.

‘GH: World Tour’ Setlist Officially Revealed

With the battle for the money of digital bands raging more harshly than ever, Activision and Red Octane have finally decided to officially provide details regarding their ammunition for the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour confrontation between their rhythm title and the ever-so-popular Rock Band franchise sequel.

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